Ukrainian Pre-Moot in Kyiv on 5-6 April 2014

One week prior to the start of the oral rounds in Vienna, on 5-6 April 2014, Ukrainian teams participating in Vis Moot together with Ukrainian Arbitration Association will organize a Ukrainian pre-moot. We invite teams from all universities and law schools engaged in preparing for 21st Vis Moot to take part in oral pleadings in Kyiv.

The organizers will strive to provide an opportunity for each team to plead at least twice during the Pre-Moot, both as Claimant and as Respondent. The arbitrators will be selected from the recognized professionals in international commercial arbitration from Ukraine and other countries, as well as team coaches.

This is also an opportunity to visit Kyiv that hosted the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship and has a unique history and architecture. No visas are required to visit Ukraine for citizens of US, Canada and European Union/EFTA countries for a stay of up to 90 days and for citizens of most CIS-region countries without any time restrictions.

The organizers could provide assistance with arranging accommodation during your stay in Kyiv.

For any additional information regarding Ukrainian Pre-Moot in Kyiv and participation of a team or as an arbitrator please contact Olexander Droug ( or Sergiy Gryshko (

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Ukrainian Pre-Moot on 5-6 April 2014 in Kyiv!­­

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