UAA Webinar 'Enforcement of Arbitral Awards against States and State Companies: experience of Great Britain, USA and France'

UAA are pleased to announce the opening of registration for our VI Webinar!

In disputes with the state and state-owned companies, enforcing decisions of international arbitration is often a much more difficult task than winning the arbitration itself.

How are the principles of sovereign immunity applied by courts in the USA, Great Britain, France?

Is it possible to enforce a decision against states at the expense of the property of state-owned companies and vice versa?

Should the substance of the dispute relate to the jurisdiction in which the enforcement is sought?

The following speakers will tell about this and many other things:

Gene Burd - Partner, FisherBroyles (USA)

Dmitri Evseev - Partner, Arnold & Porter (UK)

Galina Zukova - Partner, ZUKOVA Legal (France)


Olena Perepelynska - President of the UAA

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UAA Webinar

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