November 13, 2014 the International Commercial Arbitration Court and the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce held the II International Arbitration readings in memory of Academician I.G. Pobirchenko.

One topic was brought up for discussion of Arbitration readings: "The arbitration agreement: basic principles and current trends", enabling the twenty speakers from Ukraine, Belarus, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia and Finland deeply and comprehensively explore the topic in 4 sessions.

More than 100 participants attended arbitration readings, including representatives of academic and university science, corporate lawyers, law firm’s representatives, lawyers practicing in the field of foreign trade and international commercial arbitration, representatives of regional chambers of commerce, ICAC and MAC arbitrators, Kiev universities law students.

Representatives of Ukrainian judicial authorities were fully engaged in Arbitration readings: Head and Deputy Head of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, Deputy Head of Supreme Specialized Civil and Criminal Court of Ukraine, judges of local and appellate courts, etc., which brought the conference a special interest and practical significance.

Following the discussion results, Arbitration readings participants adopted a resolution, the text of which will be published shortly.

Arbitration readings materials will be published as separate book.

Documents for download:

  1. The program Arbitration hearings
  2. Presentation

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